Countryball World

CoWo, the first strategy videogame based on countryballs.

This is the full official list to download CoWo and it's dependencies, and extra DLCs:

Game (WinXP/Vista/7/8)
Countryball World Alpha Demo
First demo, many features unavailable.
Downloadable content
Countryball World main song
Original menu song for the game (mp3)
Functioning (includes Readme.txt)
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes
Necessary for game framework if you have a latest version of Windows that doesn't have these files included.
DLLs Registration Server
Necessary in order to registrate vital DLL in your PC, such as MSSTDFMT.dll or wmp.dll in order to make CoWo run.
(Makes "Run-time error '713'" and "Component missing or invalid" work)
Windows Compatibility Instructions
Necessary in order to accurate CoWo's operation in your newer Windows version. This MAY help to fix the "Runtime error 13, Type mismatch".