Countryball World

CoWo, the first strategy videogame based on countryballs.

Here is the list of countryball minigames created by the Countryball World Staff, enjoy them!

Countryball: Towers Field

A towers-strategy game created in Control the conservative countryballs and remove immigration!

Flappy Polandball

A simple 2D horizontal game, created with Flappy Generator (a Flappy Bird clone). Guide Polandball and avoid Reichtangle!


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And here is a list of links to other games and projects that are based on countryballs. Check them!

Countryball - Warfare

A 3D Third-person Unity shooter based on countryballs! Lead the world using your guns and kill the enemies.

Canadaball - The Game

A platforms game developed with Flash, with Canadaball as main character. Travel through the countries!

The Adventure Of The Ball

Another platforms game, created with Game Maker. Help the ball to recover it's nationality after an amnesia attack!

Polandball's Adventure

Interactive adventure game written with RPG Maker. Help Polandball to escape from a trap that Austriaball set to him! 

Polandball Horde

An impressive 2D Flash shooter game made in 2012. Lead Polandball to defeate waves of enemy countryballs!

Countryballs: The Impossible Quiz

Quiz game about countryballs knowledge! Currently been developed.